Sunday, June 28, 2009

The "Buddy" Pass

I am finally able to talk about this without weeping so here goes...... I have been planning a trip out to Hawaii for quite a few months now. I got the time off of work, bought some new clothes, stocked up on the sunblock and was able to snag myself a "buddy" pass from a friend of Steph's. Now I am putting "buddy" in quotation marks because this is not what it turned out to be! To make an incredibly long story short, I will sum it up. Long hours in the airport in Vegas, long hours spent on the computer looking at different flights, hating Delta for only having 1 flight to Hawaii a day out of only 3 different cities, BUYING a ticket to Los Angeles, long hours spent at LAX, BUYING a ticket back home to Las Vegas, wasted money on cab rides, and getting my hopes up over and over, only to have them crushed! What do I have to show for it????
Lots of tickets! Whoopee! Oh, there is something that made it to Hawaii......
It had a fabulous time! So there, I have told the story and am in the final stage of grief which is acceptance. I am an evolved woman. Nina, your faulty "buddy" pass is no reflection on you as person, nor is the fact that the airline you work for needs to rethink their ideas on overselling flights that are apparently still very popular even in this crappy economy! I do appreciate that you gave it to me though, it made me a stronger person! I also believe that there is some bad Karma floating around and it has decided to set its' sights on me. I am not sure why and I have been trying to make things right with the universe, but with the month I have had, I think it is still mad.

On another note, I had a birthday. It was pretty good and my friends from work took me to a "biker bar" so that we could look at hot men all night.
There were bikers there, this is true, but they were probably all over 50. Not that I don't think someone over 50 can't be hot (I mean look at Bruce Willis, yummy!) they just were NOT here. It was still fun and we did a lot of laughing!

I also had my friend Legrand come to visit me and along with talking, laughing, lounging by the pool, and watching fabulous Lifetime movies together we also went to a show.
We saw Erikah Badu at MGM as a birthday treat for us both and it was awesome! Thanks Legrand!

We have also moved offices at work. I am trying really hard not to complain because it is literally a mile from my house (goodbye commute!) but they have crammed me and my employee into a 9x9 cell with no window and so much stuff that we have to put most of it into the warehouse next door. So I will be spending a lot of my day going back and forth for the needed information. Positive spin is more exercise. Ok, I lied, I complained that whole paragraph. Here is the before picture....
I do not have an after picture yet because there is not enough room for my camera after everything was put into it by the movers. By Friday night I had already put in 52 hours and I had to go in Saturday to help with the move. I was there from 7 to 5:30pm trying to get everything ready so that we are ready to work on Monday. Guess what, we are not. Then I had to go back today to do actual work because the move had put me behind on things that I have to have done. Here is the best part, I am on salary. That means I get paid 40 hours, that's it! Positive side, we are getting back the cuts they made to our salaries at the end of July. Does this mean we are not getting raises this year?

I will try hard not to go so long without blogging as it is painstaking to the reader (sorry Amy)! I will also work on getting my sense of humor back as it is hard to be without one. Maybe when I find a new job.........or a hot biker.