Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Little Things....

As I have grown older (and wiser!) I have to come to realize that it is the "little" things in life that really matter. I had two "little" things happen to me recently that re-affirmed this. One "little" thing that turned into a big thing and another "little" thing that is not so big, but both brought me a lot of happiness.

The first happened the other day at work. Now work has been incredibly difficult and hard on me lately and it has made me very frustrated. I have felt overworked and underpaid and with them cutting our salaries, AND piling more work on us, it has made things worse. A co-worker of mine, who has also become my friend, took a notice to this and did something "little" for me. I came into work one morning and this was sitting on my desk.
This was such a nice gesture and it really made my day that someone was thinking about me and appreciating the hard work that I do! It was such a small thing, but it is a nice feeling to have someone think about you and then to let you know it!

The second thing happened today. I was going to a used book store to trade in some books and it was not open yet so I decided to stop into Kohl's to window shop. I probably window shopped for over an hour and was getting ready to leave when I noticed this and it was like Manna from the heavens!
I used to work in a store that had a whole selection of essential oils that you could mix into lotion or body wash, and they had a scent called Egyptian Musk and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the smell of this! I would pour it into my nostrils if I could! So when I saw the name on this I about died, and it smells the EXACT same as that oil! To top it all off, it was on sale and I proceeded to buy two bottles. I immediately sprayed it all over the interior of my car, all through the clothes in my closet, on my sheets, couch, carpet, shower curtain etc, etc.. Then I kept walking outside and clearing my nose because I was getting used to the scent and wanted a clear nose with which to smell this goodness. "Little" thing, BIG deal! Made my day!

May 23rd 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food Scale

This is short but I wanted to share. A few posts back I talked about how I won the prize of a food scale for Mardi Gras at work. I thought it was a little silly and put it in the closet as a re-gift. Well a couple of weeks ago I started keeping track of my eating habits and joined this website to keep track of my caloric intake each day. I don't know what I would do without that food scale now, or how I ever lived without one! I measure almost everything! You would be amazed at how inaccurate the nutitional guides are on food products! Mostly because they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. So this food scale has become my new woobie! Oh and just so you know, just because you have a healthy cereal and you drink it with Soy Milk, does not mean it is low in calories. In fact, if you have 2 bowls of this so called cereal, you can be eating close to 600 calories. The more you know........

Monday, April 6, 2009

Annual Exam

I recently had the great pleasure of going for my annual exam. One of the hardest parts of moving or switching insurances is having to find a new gynecologist and having somebody new checking out your lady business. Now I am not necessarily opposed to having a male gynecologist although I do prefer a female, as they know more about my lady business than a male does. The person I picked this time just happened to be a male.

My experience started in the hallway waiting for the office to open when a lady who was probably a size negative zero asked me how far along I was! My only satisfaction was seeing the horror on her face when I told her I was not pregnant, just fat! I then of course had to wait almost an hour before being called back. I finally went back and was able to enjoy getting on the scale when I was already feeling so great about myself! The nurse took me in the room and told me to get completely naked and wanted me to put on a child sized paper vest and something that really feels no bigger than a paper towel to cover my lower half. Of course the room is freezing and I have to wait another 20 minutes in my crinkly outfit. So my male Dr comes in and then says that he has some medical students and is it alright if they come in. Oh sure, why the hell not! Let's make a party out of my vagina!

So he feels up my breasts, makes me scoot to the edge of the table and violates my lady business with that thing that reminds me of a pipe cleaner. As I am enjoying the pinch of the speculuum my boss of course is calling my work cell phone so now I have the image of him in my head! Can this get any better?

The Dr has me sit up and then asks me if I have any questions. I let him know about the PCOS and that my other Dr thinks I should have a scope to make sure everything is ok in there. At that point he asks me if I am planning on getting pregnant and I say "well no" and he says that I don't really need to worry about it unless I am planning on getting pregnant. Excuse me? I would prefer not to have a cyst burst in my uterus if I can at all help it! He then says that I just need to be on Birth Control. I then tell him that I am unable to take Birth Control due to the Pulmonary Embolism I had. Then he says "well in the country I come from we have other medications that could help, but you can't get those here". Ok, then why are you telling me? Then he has the nerve to tell me that if I just ate healthier and exercised I could probably clear up a lot of my issues. He says "I am not saying your fat, I just think it would help to lose weight". First off, I am so sick of people thinking I pig out because of my weight! I try to eat really healthy and have really had trouble losing weight. Now granted I could use a little more exercise, but don't just assume that I am hittin Mickey D's every night! At this point, I am just done with this guy and all I want to do is put my clothes back on and head back to work!

So there you have it! Another great trip to the gyno! I will be getting a different Dr not only because he was a jerk but also because I want another opinion and with someone that will actually listen to the person that knows her own body! I really hope those med students had another person to learn from!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little something to remember him by.......

I own a Japanese stress reducer item known as "Ben-wah" (I think that is the name) balls. They have little chimes in them and you roll them around on your hands and they supposedly touch key pressure points in your hand to help you reduce your stress. When my cute little family came down to see me a few weeks ago, my little buddy Trenters fell in love with these things. He would carry 1 or both of them around with him and shake them now and again. On the morning I had to work, it was early and I went into the kitchen and noticed he was awake, so I went over and looked in at him and he was laying there with his puppy and one of the balls in his hand! So cute! Anyway, after they left, I noticed that one of them was missing
I really didn't think much about it because I rarely use them and figured I would find it eventually as I cleaned my house. Out of sight and out of mind. Well today I found it.
And where you may ask did I find it?
Lol, I honestly never thought once about looking here! Oh the fun surprises that you get long after you have had children in your home! Thanks Trenters you made my day and made me smile!

And then I was attacked by this....
Now it may not look that big as I was unable to capture its size in the photo, but I kid you not, this thing was probably a little bit longer than my pinkie! Now I am typically ok with insects (other than bees) but for some reason Moths creep me out and this thing flew right at me! I ducked just in time and was not injured! It is pretty though!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New plan

I just can't seem to do the whole picture a day. So instead of continually feeling like a failure and refusing to blog I decided to try something new. I saw this bumper sticker
and thought, oh I could do weekly themes! So I decided to try a week of bumper sticker pictures. Well I only saw that first one and then this one
(tee-hee) and that was it. Haven't seen another bumper sticker since! Also that was dangerous trying to take pictures while driving and I really don't want to die in a fiery crash! Ok new plan. I have been on a mission to lose some lbs and wanted to make some new recipes so I thought ok a week of recipe photos! I started out with a seafood soup with corn and soy beans,
Then tried out a Garbanzo Bean Burger
And then I got tired of cooking and ate only salads and out the window that idea went! Oh I also made my own homemade croutons
but that was for a salad potluck at work, not a healthy food. Salad potlucks are AWESOME! So I am tired of trying to come up with ideas and I am just going back to taking pictures when I see something. Maybe I will give it another try when my life involves something other than work and is a little more interesting!

Speaking of recipes though, I joined this website called which is great way to share recipes with your friends and gets tips/ideas/recipes from others! So far Stephanie, Aunt Mary, Emily, Sandy, and my friend Krystl have joined. You will be really sorry if you don't check it out!

~I apologize for the lack of flow and interesting content in this post. It is late Thursday night and my brain is complete mush. I just read it back and I sound like an idiot, but I have no energy to go back and change anything and I need to post so that I can stop obsessing about it and get some sleep. No I am not drunk, just tired. Thank you~