Monday, September 27, 2010

My Saturday as a 12 year old boy

Saturday I decided to release my inner 12 year old boy and went to the National Skateboarding Championship. It totally rocked!!!
My friend Chava invited me to go and I thought it might be a good way to pick up on hot tattooed skater boys. Unfortunately the majority of the males were under the age of 18, there with their wives and children, or drunk and annoying.
Regardless, I still had a good time. Funny man Rob Dyrdek (I love him!) was the host and we were sitting only about 50 feet from him. He was covered in security though so I was unable to stalk him efficiently. Even though you know he is short, he is even shorter in person. There was also a booth where you could meet and get your picture taken with Audrina Patridge (you know from "The Hills") Yeah, I didn't.
There were 3 events on this little skate park set-up and the finalist ranged in age from 14-28.
The tricks these guys can do is amazing! It made me want to buy a skateboard :)
Nyjah Huston (AWESOME dreads!)
Chaz Ortiz (He was one of my favorites)
Chris Cole (Getting old in skateboarding terms, 28!!!!! and my personal favorite who missed winning on the very last trick)

Now I knew skateboarding was a big deal but I did not realize the amount of money involved. The winner received $150,000... Seriously? Can you imagine winning that much money as a kid? Crazy! I did get some prizes myself like this kick butt poster...
I am totally hanging this on my wall in my room, lol. I also got this awesome bumper sticker which is doubly cool because it is also my initials!
Totally Rad