Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have no title

Amy told me that my blog is depressing her and all I needed to do was put up a smiley face if I have nothing to blog about. But, since I am here, I might as well say something! I will say I am in the middle of a difficult time in life so I have not felt like I had anything happy or uplifting to talk about. As I type this though, I realize this is not true! I managed a visit to Utah over the 4th and there is nothing sad or depressing about seeing these gifts.......
I miss these guys so much and it brings me such joy when I am able to spend time with them! Do you see the burn on Belle's arm? Brian did that with a metal hot dog stick! It fell on her arm and she closed her arm on it, so it got both sides. Poor baby! Ok, Brian didn't do it, it was an accident! They are both so sassy and sweet at the same time. I got plenty of dirty looks from Trenter's but also some good loves. How can you not love those faces!

I also got some good quality time with Jamie and Brian. I was able to watch fireworks with them and then we sat in the backyard with a fire and talked. It was really nice to just sit and be together. Jamie, I really miss our book club!
I was also able to spend some quality time with Steph (sorry Steph apparently you were unavailable at all of the photo opportunities, but you know I love you, after all your tattooed on my arm for life!) and my brother in law, phone face, Ripley, or Pat if you prefer. I really have NO pictures of him where there is not a phone covering his face! We went to the Sugarhouse festival, up to Pioneer Park for the farmers market, and then had some bar-be-que!
I of course spent time with my wonderful momma as well as my pops. It was so good to see everyone and I love and miss you all!

I was also able to complete my sibling tattoo and Brian was added to the mix. In case your wondering why a frog, that has been my dads nickname for him since he was little.
Sorry Asian, I know you wanted the killer blue dart frog, but it didn't really go with my theme!
It has been hot here (110 degrees on average) but I am surprisingly loving it! Work is still ridiculous, so we won't go into that. I am in the process of figuring out what my next move is in regards to my mom and I may be thinking about moving back to Utah, so if you know of any good paying jobs in my field, let me know! And that's all I got!