Sunday, October 11, 2009

As promised......

I have had neck problems for years and I have been through countless pillows trying to alleviate the pain. I decided that maybe my problem isn't the pillow, but the mattress. So I went and bought my first grown up purchase. A beautiful king size bed with an overpriced (hopefully worth it) mattress.
I have never bought anything brand new, it has either been given to me or I picked it up at a yard sale. It was very difficult to throw the money down, but I am a grown up now, and can handle grown up things! It has been very difficult for me not to just lay in it all day.......

I also had some friends down this weekend and it was so good to see them and we had a great time. We of course were able to enjoy the benefits of the pool! I love that it is still warm enough here in the day to worship the sun!
Yes, I still have to plug my nose, don't judge me!Joy your straddle is amazing, and way to be brave about NOT plugging your nose!Celeste, your ability to smile for the camera while tucking really shows your skills!

We also hit the strip and walked around for awhile. We were able to witness a really proud moment in someones life......
Apparently what happens in Vegas, sometimes ends up on someones blog! We of course did a little gambling and as a joke I put in $2.00 in a penny machine and won $18.00 Why was it a joke you say?
Who comes up with these games? I ALSO played Wheel of Fortune and won $90. This is not typical for me as I never win on the rare time I play. I was smart though and cashed out and walked away!

It was a great weekend and it was so good to hang out with friends! I do have some apologies to make though. First, I apologize for the violation of the card slappers as we walked down the strip! I also apologize for making you go see "the most terrifying movie of all time" and then having it totally suck! Oh and I apologize for the temperature of my house, I do like it a little warmer than the average person! I love you girls!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pillow talk

At the beginning of the year, I started a lifestyle change (I refuse to call it a diet) and am proud to say that I am down 30lbs from when I started. With this weight loss, there has been a lot of changes in my wardrobe as things have become to big on me. As I have been cleaning out my closet, it has been really hard for me to give some of the things away because of the great fabric. So I decided to make pillows! No they do not match anything in my house, and yes I will probably have more than I need, but look how cute they turned out!

Now as we all know, my sewing skills are severely lacking and luckily pillows are forgiving, just don't look to close at my closing stitches! I had only one mishap and surprisingly I wasn't even sewing yet. I was simply threading the bobbin........
It looks like that because I got it so twisted up that I had to cut through all the thread to get it off the bobbin. If that was the least of my problems, I am happy. I may attempt to put together a funky blanket next!

On another note, sometimes I see weird things in Vegas. This happened to be in the parking lot of my work building. I guess it's not that weird but if you have never seen a hot air balloon up close, they are HUGE. See how small the truck looks?
And just because I miss it........
***Coming soon, my first grown up purchase!