Monday, December 15, 2008


Sometimes my work is very difficult. Sometimes I wonder why I do it. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it.

I was just getting ready to leave work the other day when a crisis call came it. Wanting to leave, I became really annoyed but sat down and picked up the phone. On the other end was a man who was completely manic. He was rambling on about how he "knew too much" and he could not bear it anymore. He was talking about the government and god and everything in between. He then stated if he had a gun he would shoot himself, and began to sob. I asked him where he was and he stated he was driving home from work. Now a realize a hysterical man who is very ill should probably not be talking on the phone while he is driving, but I felt like the safest thing to do would be to talk with him until he got home. So I did. He spoke of having a gambling problem and had done well for a few years, but started again a couple of months ago. He also said he had been giving money to a woman, because she needed it, and his wife new nothing of any of this. I spoke with him for a half an hour until he pulled into his driveway. He thanked me for talking with him and stated he had pulled it together and would be fine. I gave him my work # in case he needed to call again and hung up.

Here is where I had my dilemma. He was feeling suicidal and I knew that was something I could not ignore, but I also knew that I could cause him a lot of trouble at home, especially with his wife. i felt pretty sure he was not actually going to kill himself, but what if I was wrong? I wasn't sure what to do. So I called the police and asked them to do a welfare check. I went home and worried the whole night about how I had probably ruined his trust in me. It was really bothering me, but I knew I had to do what I did.

The next morning I went into work and had a message on my phone, and sure enough it was from him. My stomach dropped when I heard his voice. He was much calmer and actual sounded pretty rational. He said that he wanted to call and thank me for talking him home, and helping him through a really rough moment. He stated he was surprised when the cops showed up at his door, but it actually was a good thing, as he and his wife had one of the best conversations they have ever had. He stated he was going to try and get back on track with his medications and with his gambling. He again thanked me for being there for him when he really needed someone.
That is why I do what I do. I deal with a lot of things that do not end up that way, but it is worth it when they do. There are times I doubt the things that I have to do, but if it helps just one person, then I can take the heartache. My work is hard but it is a lot harder to be that person on the other end of the phone, and for that I am grateful.

On another note, it snowed in Vegas today. Why me?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving and beyond

I haven't felt like blogging lately so I am going to do a little catch up here. I went home to Utah for Thanksgiving and it was great to see all of my family, especially my sweet little niece and nephew. I can't believe how fast they are growing up! I also did not have to go see Twilight by myself and Jamie and I went and had a great time (minus the police involvement!). I was upgraded to first class for my flights (thanks Steph!) and got to watch Donny Osmond sleeping! The only down side to the trip was I did not see the sun for 4 days and was glad to come home to that!

The new promotion at work is going well and I am a LOT less stressed! I am learning a lot and find it very rewarding. I am also working on my application for grad school so wish me luck! My raise kicked in and I really appreciated the extra money as I had to get my brakes done. I called my good buddy mechanic Wayne and he fixed me right up! He is a sweet old man and always treats me right, which is nice in this town!

I was pretty busy this week. I had a date, which did not work out the way I planned, but really how often do my dates work out? Maybe I have a glitch in my Karma somewhere and it is playing out in my dates. The search continues. I also went to an amazing art show at a place called The Arts Factory ( I work with a therapist who owns a gallery there and he had a showing. I loved the paintings but prices were a little out of my league, $3,000 out of my league to be exact! There was another artist I really liked and to check out her work you can go here It was really neat to check out such great artists.

Today I want to lay on the couch all day and watch movies, but I will actually be cleaning my house, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and heading to the bookstore, I mean there has to be some pleasure in there somewhere! In parting, I leave you with the question mechanic Wayne asked me "Why are you still single? I hear the Irish have no trouble finding mates." Huh?