Sunday, September 20, 2009


Bear with me, I have a lot of catching up to do. Last month I was laying on my couch in my pajamas when I hear a knock on the door. What the? NO one ever comes to my door! When I opened it I was delighted to see this standing there...
(Her chest was not that big at the door, that came later in the weekend, we are in Vegas after all!) My cute little family surprised me with a visit and we had a great time! There was TONS of pool play in which I learned many things. First off was that Brian can't float (even with all this help!)
And these 2 just love to swim. Trent was jumping off the side like he knew what he was doing!
I also learned that this one isn't as innocent as she may look! (Jamie, not Belle)
She almost got us kicked out of the pool area because she didn't want to take off her pants. Again, your in Vegas. The pants come off! I also learned that Trent and I share some common interests.....
That's how I do it to buddy! Of course we do not share this.....
I have NEVER been this unhappy in a Baskin & Robbins! Although my face has been that messy there before. I was also able to meet Jamies uncle and we all had breakfast together which was nice. Jamie and I also watched a girlie movie together while Brian snored on the couch. Thank you so much for coming to visit! It meant so much to me and I love having you here!

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was an underpaid, overworked princess who was tired and stressed. She was close to her breaking point and decided the only thing that could save her was to breath in the ocean and cleanse her soul.
Luckily, the princess knew a queen that lived in Hawaii and the queen offered a magical place to stay.
With permission of the King, of course.
The King and Queen had 3 beautiful princesses who offered to share a room, in order for this princess to have her own.
The princess was able to go on many magical adventures including a picnic by sea....
The top of a volcano (which was freezing!).......
Beautiful tide pools with the waves crashing against rocks in the back drop.......
and the beach (of course!) where she breathed in the good and got rid of the bad.
The princess was also able to attend a Royal birthday party complete with a duck cake!
The princess also had the fortune of having lunch with the Queen and a beautiful lizard.
Apparently the lizard was thirsty, and the Queen shared some condensation off of her glass with him.
There was a little danger......

(The ride back over the volcano was foggy and scary! Nice driving Mautz!)
But there was mostly fun and beauty!
So thank you royal family for a wonderful vacation!
Thank you Princess Sophia! (Notice the birthday pierced ears)
Thank you Princess Avery!
Thank you Princess Lyla!
Thank you King Toby!
And most of all, thank you Queen Amy, I had an amazing time and loved our late night chats, and laugh sessions! You are an amazing friend!
**That is sexy ocean hair