Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home for the Holidays

I went home to Utah for Christmas and it was great, other than freezing to death in my mothers house. She did turn up the heat from 69 degrees to 71 degrees when icicles formed on my nose though, so that was very generous of her! She had to take off all of her clothes because then it was WAY to hot for her, but aren't mothers supposed to make sacrifices for their children? Thanks Ma!

We started some new family traditions this year. The first one is the making of the Christmas spaghetti.
Yes, Spaghetti! Who needs Holiday Ham when you have Italian pasta! I have never seen the children eat so much in my life!
He is 2 people, it is a rough age! I promise he does smile though and can be VERY charming!
Seriously, Belle had 4 plates! Pure bliss!
Oh they were eating the spaghetti too! It's just not all over their faces! Thanks Steph for the new Christmas Feast Tradition!

We also started a new family game called BeanBoozled! Basically you get 2 Jelly Beans that look the same and you have to decide what flavor it is. Options include Coconut or Baby Wipes, Peach or Barf, and my personal favorite Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Cheese! I don't have any pictures of the great faces made as I was an active participant in the game. There was a lot of spitting in the trash though, take my word!
Another change to tradition was the Christmas Tree. Growing up we ALWAYS had a fresh tree and a couple of times even cut it down ourselves. As we all grew up and moved out of the house, mom moved on to the fake Christmas Tree. Ok, I can live with that. This year though, it went a step further.....
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a fake mini tree on top of the table! I am hoping for a simple Christmas Tree Ornament next year hung from the ceiling!

The one thing that never changes though is the laughter, smiles and love! I love my family!!!

Oh yeah, one more Christmas memory I will never forget..... Being called a whore by my sister! Ha Ha Ha, ok she told me I looked like Pretty Woman, but same thing!!!!