Monday, March 23, 2009

Another visit

Well my picture a day lasted all of 2 weeks and I fell off the wagon! I am back on though starting today! In the interim though, I had another set of visitors in the way of my bro, my sister-in-law, and my snot-nosed little niece and nephew! That's right, my family came to Vegas, and all I got was this lousy cold!
See the snot on that boys nose! I would not change a thing though! It was so good to see everyone and I so enjoyed having them here! Here are some highlights of the visit.......
Getting a huge grin from this sweet face!
Watching this sassy girl dance to the beat of her own drum!
The Cupcakery taste test!
Playing in the park
Getting this look, alot, and being called a "bubblehead" repeatedly!
Asian abusing the baby
Loving on this little girl, who is a complete crack up!
Watching this little guy run everywhere and letting his voice be known!
Just having my family in my space! Thank you guys for coming, I love you so much! Next time we will have to drive around more, I don't think we did enough driving!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Seriously this is hard, but we move on to week 2 of a picture a day! Last Saturday I went for a little drive and saw these trees everywhere! This has always meant the first sign of Spring to me and I think they are so beautiful!
Sunday was another beautiful day and it was warm enough to put on one of my summer dresses and sit in the sun for awhile. I am trying to enjoy what little Spring we have here as I know when it really starts to heat up, it will get hot fast!
Monday I got a phone call from my apartment telling me that I was the winner of the early bird contest! If you get your rent in early, you are entered into a drawing, and I won! I NEVER win anything so I was excited. My reward was a $50 gift card to Target! Whoo-hoo! I bought this storage ottoman and this bra. I believe EVERY woman should have sexy, cute bras' to wear under their clothes!
Tuesday was just another busy day at work and by the time I left, it was too dark to really get a picture of anything. Honestly, I just didn't want to focus on taking a picture this day. So I took this driving home from work. Fascinating isn't it?
I have realized that I do not have a lot of photos of myself, mostly because I am the one taking the pictures. I have also realized that of the pictures I do post of myself, I look like a big old scrounge! Seeing as how this is MY journey, I should probably have some photos of me that don't include my pajamas or braids! Thanks to the timer on my camera, here is a picture of me in my "professional attire" before work on Wednesday. That's right Amy, I clean up real nice too!
Thursday we had a potluck at work and I decided to make a "Better than Sex cake" and it was a huge hit! It is funny but since I moved here, I realized that people don't make casseroles and desserts here the way we do in Utah. This makes for me being an awesome cook, lol! The pan was pretty much scraped clean!
And we come full circle to Friday, where I was able to hunker down and watch one of my favorite shows. It is one of the many laughs I look forward to in the week! I want to marry Joel McHale...