Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tattoo Update

Word on the street is that with this new tattoo, I have lost all hope of finding that special someone. In my fathers words "Now she will never find someone and get married". Lol Oh pops, you should know that some men DO think tattoos are sexy, they are probably just not the kind of men YOU want me bringing home!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I have known for years that this is what I am, but I FINALLY got the "official" title from my mother a few weeks ago when I told her I was getting this.........
In her words I am not just a "disgrace", but a "disgrace to the family". Beat that Steph and Asian! I have worked so hard over the years to earn this prestigious award and it is such a relief to finally win! I thank all of you who have contributed in my journey towards this momentous occasion (Amy and Celeste). In case your wondering why this tattoo, it is a tribute to me and my sis who is my "right hand gal". Asian got kicked out of the tattoo as it did not fit with the flow, but don't worry he gets to be put somewhere else when I go back in July. I do have to continue on so that I can keep my title!
Oh and just so you know, I sat for 4 1/2 hours. That is one tough chick!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


If you are looking for an absolutely DELICIOUS recipe for "hummus" that is actually low in calories and a lot better for you than the original, click or copy and paste the link below...........

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The nerve.......

Oh wow, I didn't realize that it has almost been a month since I blogged! I have been wanting to for awhile now and something just happened that helped motivate me. The scene of the crime...
If you don't know much about this store, everyone has to check themselves out as well as bag their own groceries (helps keep the prices down). I get done shopping and scan all of my items and the last thing I send down the belt are these....
(Girls if you don't have someone to buy you flowers, buy them for yourself!!!!) They went down last as I did not want them to get crushed by the other groceries. I pay and proceed to head down the belt to bag everything. I am not even halfway done bagging when a woman gets in my line and proceeds to check out and run her stuff down the belt. At first, I can't believe she is doing this and then I realize her stuff is SMASHING my flowers! I lean over and grab them and give her a look and she continues to check out and run her stuff down the belt. At this point, our groceries are getting all mixed in together and I am MAD! Now does this look like a face that angers easily?
Well it's not! But I have to say I wanted to resort to some violence right there in the store, I mean the gall of this woman! So I say"excuse me, can you please wait until I am finished" and she says, "Oh I am done anyway" as she sends her last item down the belt. Well this really ticks me off and I continue bagging and start shoving her stuff out of the way. She calmly comes over and starts bagging her things right next to me, while I try to make sure she doesn't take any of my things! I continue to forcefully shove her stuff away from mine as she finishes bagging and she doesn't say a word to me! I am sorry to say, as she walked away, I couldn't help myself, I called her a B***H. No response, she just kept walking. In hindsight I am glad I did not get a reaction out of her, as I am also not a fighter and probably could have got my butt kicked! I will also admit, it felt really good to call her that! I deal with rude people on a daily basis, but this just sent me over the edge!
Let's see what else do I have...... I made an awesome sandwich for lunch today which consisted of smoked salmon, Persian cucumbers, and goat cheese on whole wheat. Yummy! Also, it is 95 degrees today and I am loving it! It's pool time!

Have you ever let something occur, when you normally would not, just to see what happens? I did!
That my friends, is a sweet potato that started to grow some eyes. I may continue to see what happens.......

Lastly here is a shout out to all you mommas out there who keep this world in an endless supply of diapers in the landfills, kids kicking the back of your seat on a plane, train, or automobile, and piercing shrieks in the movie theaters, shopping centers, and restaurants. Thanks for all you do! You know I love you all!