Friday, February 27, 2009

Rough start

Alright so my first week of attempting a picture a day proved to be a little more difficult than I thought. Seriously, my life is so boring during the work week and I am pretty sure no one wants to see the same picture of my desk everyday. This is what I did manage to do though.

I moved one of my plants outside because it seemed to be producing something similar to a fruit fly and I wanted them to die. On Saturday, I noticed something has been chewing on it. There is no way that is a bug! Cat? Lizard? Scorpion? Small child?
On Sunday I did a little shopping at my favorite store Ross, and was able to find this little "nightstand". I have been without one since I moved and thought this was cute as well as functional for storing things!
On Monday I decided to stop by my other favorite store, Barnes and Noble to check out the bargain books. I have decided that just because you cut down on the number of bookcases you own, does not necessarily mean you cut down on the books!
On Tuesday, we had some Mardi Gras celebrations at work. Although I did not win any beads (this is my place of employment after all!), I did win this kitchen scale in a bead guessing contest! I know some people weigh there food, but I am not one of those people. Can you say re-gift?
Wednesday I really had nothing to take a photo of. I mean nothing. So I share a Vegas fact. While people in other parts of the country get things like grocery ads, department store ads etc.. in their mail, we here in Vegas get a lot of casino ads. You buy food with your money, we put ours in slot machines!
On Thursday I fell down. That's right, I fell down. In a parking lot. Full of people. At work. In front of my co-workers. A positive spin is that it's the only time I have seen anyone be nice in Vegas. People actually came over to see if I was alright! The only thing that I hurt was my pride, oh and my new pink pants!
And today I had an insurance audit at work. Now mind you I worked my BUTT off this week trying to get prepared for this thing. I am in charge of all the inpatient stuff at work so I had to go through all of the inpatient charts to make sure they are up to date and accurate. We are talking HIGH stress all week, almost to the point of wanting to quit! So I have everything ready and I meet with the woman who then proceeds to tell me, she is not really interested in the inpatient charts this time, she wants to see outpatient. What? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? I was so mad! Here is a picture of my desk (after I organized it for the meeting), trust me, it did not look this way throughout the week!
This one is just because I took a pretty picture and need to think of something pretty (instead of the guy that stabbed himself in the lung today).
Now I am going to turn on the heating pad and rest my neck (too much time hunched over my desk this week) and arm (too much weight trying to break my fall!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


My best friend Amy came to visit me from Hawaii and we had so much fun! I took the whole week off from work (which was HEAVEN) and we had a great time together. Here are some of the highlights!
We went and saw "He's just not that into you" which was a great, funny movie. As we were walking out of the theater, we saw this display and of course had to get in on the action!
Of course, I could not get her to go see a scary movie with me, namely "My bloody Valentine" but that's cool, whatever! Next we had a great time laughing at the expense of my cheerleading uniform, side ponytail and all!
Apparently Yoga IS good at keeping you flexible. This makes my thighs hurt just looking at it!
We boxed with Muhammad Ali at Caesars Palace,
We met George Straight at the Goat Feathers Antique Shop in Boulder City,
and we ate, ALOT!
Mmmmmm Gnocchi! We got massages, we went shopping, we did a little gambling, we ended up in our jams by 5pm on more than one night, we laughed and laughed, and we got some soul sista tattoos, oh yeah!
Good times were had by all! Sorry it was so cold Amy, next time you will have to come a little later in the year, or bring something warmer than flip-flops and summer dresses, lol! Thanks for such a great time, and for being such a great friend, even though we take the heat of people thinking we are lesbians, they just don't understand us!
I have also decided to try and do a picture a day so that I can keep up better with my blog and my life, because I am sure there is one there, and I am just not noticing it. Knowing me and my procrastinating self, it may not go as well as planned, but I am willing to take the chance!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have been a huge blogger slacker lately, but am going to try to to do better from now on! I don't have anything too exciting this time, just some updates. A couple weekends ago I went to Ephraim to visit Celeste and of course I pick the weekend where a huge storm was coming in. It started snowing on Sunday and I decided that it might be a better idea to get up really early on Monday after the snow had stopped. Well that was a mistake! A drive that is usually 4 hours, took me 7! Here is a view of me driving 25mph down the highway.
Needless to say, I won't be doing that again until winter is OVER! I have never been so glad to see desert in my life!
I did get my test results back so if you want to know I can email you privately. Since I have an open blog and I don't know who is reading it, I'd rather not discuss some of my business so openly! In fact I may jump on the private bandwagon so I know who I am sharing my business with. I am pretty sure I have the email addresses of people I think are reading, so go ahead and leave a comment if you want me to include you on the list of readers.

Work has been completely insane (no pun intended ;P) and I do not see it slowing down anytime EVER! We are the only mental health provider for Health Plan of Nevada (insurance) which serves over 700,000 lives. Now this is not the only insurance we take, in fact we take quite a few others. Well the higher ups that be are in the process of trying to get a contract with Medicaid as well. Are you joking? Not that I don't think it would be great to help even more people, but I am pretty sure my company has no plans whatsoever of hiring more "helping hands" which just creates more work those of us there, and we are already overworked! Oh it just makes me so tired even thinking about it......

For the past week I have had this almost overwhelming craving for french fries. Now I like fries as much as the next person, but have never really been one to crave them. I have also been doing really well with watching what I eat and I have not cheated once this week! So today all I can think about is how good some fries would be and a great idea comes to me. I bought some pre-cooked Polenta (the one in the tube) the other day and have been trying to decide what to do with it. Well I sliced it up, put it on a cookie sheet, sprayed a little Olive Oil on it, and baked it! Wallah~healthy french fries!
Ok so maybe not french fries, but crunchy enough for me to pretend! And yes, I did dip them in Ketchup!

I have also been working on getting all 800 of the pictures from my digital camera, off of my computer and made into actual pictures. I have been making changes to some (black and white, cropping etc..) to get them how I like. Now I have always wanted to enter some of my photos into contests, and Celeste inspired me to go ahead and do it. She has entered some of her photos in various fairs and won! I have a feeling Vegas doesn't have a lot of county fairs, so I am on a mission to find a photo contest somewhere here, and make an entry. I may be asking permission from some of you (Jamie and Amy) as some of my best photos are of your children! Wish me luck!