Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alright Already

I get it, I get it, it's time for me to update. It's summer in Vegas and I would rather be out at the pool than blogging, so sue me! Ha Ha No I really have been putting this off because I honestly thought I had nothing to blog about but as I was looking through my pictures I realized that I actually have done something other than get skin cancer this summer! Be prepared though, it is a lot of pictures!

First off, I had two cute boys come into my life this summer...... My sweet, sweet nephew
And my beautiful friend popped this little one out

We are pretty sure she is the mom
I was able to go home and visit the fam over the 4th of July. I got to see (or rather NOT see) my brother in law
My Cuz
My pops and the other little man (we will have a special bond as middle children!)
My uncle who appears to be looking at my chest, but is actually not. He is only a little creepy, not that creepy.....
My sweet momma
My sassy sis
My retarded bro
My sis in law who makes the most incredible, funny children in the whole world!
And my precocious niece, who can make me laugh harder than anyone! Yes, those are my shoes, next will be a tattoo :)
Life at work has of course been really difficult by I am managing. First off my boss and friend called it quits.
Then my other boss and friend decided she was done as well.
Then my good friend Pam decided she wanted to get married and leave me all alone in this hell hole. She did stay with me for 6 weeks though before she moved to San Diego so we had some good times together. Some of the pictures are not suitable for this family blog so those will stay off..... (kidding)

To thank me for my hospitality, I was invited up to San Diego for a week for a vacation and it was HEAVEN!!!! (Yes, I am back on a mission to move there) Pam and James on the beach
Me soakin up the rays
Yeah, that's right. I'm in a bikini. I wear it all the time. I don't care
Awwww, sand on my feet
That's all for now folks, it's late, I'm tired. I will try to be better ;) Yeah right


Smiley Family said...

You better start blogging up a storm! You have a fancy dancy super fast computer, so no excuses!

I can't believe how much hair Celeste's baby has - Amazing! Great photos...except the one with me in it ;o)

Mary said...

It's about time!!! What you have a life or something?? Geeze you look great You've got it goin on girl! The beach and waves agree with you. Great photos, they make me very sad except T-bone and Ashlyn they are funny! Think of this as your therapy, your release and do it every single day. I miss you so much. HUGS to you.
ps:yeah i know, i haven't posted in a while too...i am in denial and i love it there.

Sephalo said...

WOW! Your bikini top looks like its gettin stretched to tha max! hahahaha
You go girl, work it! Next time I wanna see that back side :)

I love you and I miss you mucho!

Amy said...

So fun! lucky kiddos to get to see their way fun auntie...(no I'm not jeal. back off.)
Love love the bikini pic! you look fantastic! next it will be topless in Mexico...gasp shock....
miss you sweetie, so glad you got some fun in your summer.
Celeste makes cute babies...